April 16, 2004 - Desalination: Challenges and Opportunities
Remarks by Bernie Rhinerson
Chair, San Diego County Water Authority and
Chairman, U.S. Desalination Coalition

Quotes about Desalination

"If we could ever competitively, at a cheap rate, get fresh water from salt water, that it would be in the long-range interests of humanity which would really dwarf any other scientific accomplishments."

--John F. Kennedy, 1962


“[We need] a farsighted program for meeting urgent water needs by converting saltwater to fresh water.”

--Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1951


“Although the U.S. is only starting to use desalting techniques, we are one of the largest users.”

--Former U.S. Senator Paul Simon (D-IL)


How desalination will help interior states:

"Larry Dozier, deputy general manager of the Central Arizona Project and one of the people working on the seven-state proposal, said cloud seeding is only a stopgap solution and not one that could cover all (water) shortages in dry years. He wants the states to explore even more innovative ideas, such as building a water desalination plant on the Gulf of California."

--"Colorado River states look for ways to stretch water supply"
The Associated Press (December 14, 2005)


“Ten years ago, desalination was the crazy aunt in the attic.  That's changed.  It is now entering the mainstream and being taken seriously.”

--Barry Nelson, Natural Resources Defense Council, 2003


“Conservation alone will not solve the problem.  New sources of freshwater must be developed.”

--U.S. Representative Richard Boucher (R-VA)


“If you want to save your children, pay attention to water.”

--Shimon Peres, 2004



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